Our Start

Welcome to Event Sign Up! Event Sign Up was launched in the summer of 2014 to serve as a simple registration and payment website for events of all kinds. While our start has been in the racing community, we are also equipped to help with other events such as conferences, church events, and more. Event Sign Up offers you a simple, web-based registration process, a secure payment process, and the option of a custom web page on which to advertise your event.

Our History

Event Sign Up began in order to be the web presence of It’s About Time, a race-timing company based out of Greenville, SC. It’s About Time has timed races for over 10 years and now averages over 50 races per year. In the past, It’s About Time used third-party websites to help event planners register runners and take payments for races. Now, It’s About Time offers a one stop shop for all race needs. From registering runners and taking payments online, to timing the race, to posting the results, It’s About Time can help make your race a success from start to finish. To learn more about It’s About Time, click here.

Our Services

Event Sign Up offers three main services at an incredibly low cost to you.

  1. Simple Registration Process – Event Sign Up was created to make the event registration process as simple and intuitive as possible. Those who come to our site to register for your event will find it easy to sign up and pay. In addition, you may add any amount of custom questions to our registration page at no cost to you. Best of all, using our website to register participants for your event is completely free to you! To get started, e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 864-561-9618.
  2. Secure Payment Process – Event Sign Up uses a secure, third-party website to handle payments, keeping credit card security with those who know it best. In addition, the Event Sign Up website itself is SSL certified, keeping all registration information protected.
  3. Event Director Login – New in the summer of 2015, event directors are able to login to our website and download event registration information for their event. In addition, they can add attendee information (from mail-in registrations) manually in order to keep all of the registration information in one spot. Interested in posting your event? E-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 864-561-9618.

It's About Time


It’s About Time began in 2001 when John Lehman recognized the need for quality and cost-effective timing of races in the upstate of South Carolina and surrounding areas. At one particular race that he was directing, the timing company failed to be able to produce awards for the race. So, rather than having to worry about that happening again, he decided to figure out how to time his own races. He and his children put effort into learning how to manually time races. At first, they timed only the races John directed, but as time went on, people began asking if he and his children could time other races in the community. This led John to start the timing company It’s About Time. Word spread about It’s About Time, and since then, they have expanded into timing as many as 5 races in a day, 50+ races a year, and now offer chip timing in addition to manual timing.



It’s About Time offers race certification, online registration (eventsignup.org), and both Manual and Chip timing at competitive prices along with the expertise of a 37-time race director. It’s About Time is interested in more than simply timing your event. We want to help you from start to finish. From your first questions of how to put together a successful event to the registration and timing of your runners, we want to be your one-stop-shop. We are able to help you through the entire process, offering support all along the way.


Pricing for Race Management Services

  • Pull Tab timing – $400 is the base rate for timing the race, with an additional $1 charged per registered participant. To time a second event (ex. 8K & 10 Mile) at the same time is an additional $100 fee.
  • Chip timing – $500 is the base rate for timing the race, with an additional cost of $2.50 per registered participant. With this method of timing, we are able to offer innovative ways for runners to see their times while they wait for the awards ceremony. Please contact us about your specific event for more information regarding these innovations. To time a second event (ex. 8K & 10 Mile) at the same time is an additional $100 fee.
  • Online Registration – FREE to you. The convenience factor for you and your race participants makes online registration a must. We can tailor the registration form to whatever you need.
  • Race Certification – have your race USATF certified so that runners can accurately compare their times to performances run on other certified courses knowing that the distances were exactly the same. No one can truly establish a personal best if the course distance is not accurate. Courses must be certified for any road running performance to be accepted as a record or to be nationally ranked.
    • 5K – $300, 8K – $450, 10K – $525, 12K – $650, 10 Mile – $750, Half Marathon – $900, Marathon – $1500
  • *Travel Fee – If a race is outside of Greenville, SC then there is an additional $1 per mile (one way) charged. If the race is 50 miles outside of Greenville, there may be a need to provide two hotels rooms for the night prior to the race.



  • For race management service, It’s About Time will provide online registration (www.eventsignup.org), finish chute, finish line clock, scoring for overall and award results, and online posting of results.
  • We request that you provide bibs, with bar-codes on the pull tabs. We can purchase bibs for as low as $.20 each (with your personalized logo).
  • Two days prior to your needing the bibs for runner distribution, we ask that you e-mail us an excel spreadsheet in individual columnar entries. (last name, first name, address, city, zip, gender, age on race day, shirt size). On request, we will send you a template file for your mail-in registrations. We provide you with labels for the bibs, in alphabetic order, for distribution.
  • On race day, we score your race according to your award distribution, and provide these results within 15 minutes after the last runner crosses the finish line – often even earlier upon request. Following that, we post these results to our website, and you can either inform your runners of our website or put a link on your website or Facebook page.



  • Please contact us to help you get started with your event or with any questions you have!
    • Click here to send us an email or call us at 864-385-6115

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